Sydney marathon sept 2012


Just to let everyone know, I have contacted the Sydney Marathon Organisers. I wish to run my first marathon for AVM awareness, training will start pretty soon. If you think you can help raise money then please let me know and I will email you the sponsor form.

I will have to fit my training in some where, this won’t be easy with looking after Leona, kids and going to work.

I will keep you posted !!!

I could do with a nice AVM singlet to train in if anyone knows where i can get one let me know.

Good luck with the training Michael. I’m planning to do the Great North Run in England next year, for the same reason, but its extremely hard to get places so I hope I’m able to.
Let us know how it goes - when is the marathon?

Hi Michael, I have not been on the site for a while, thanks for doing this to try and raise awareness etc. I think if a walk to raise awareness could be arranged it would be great for all the people that were able that had AVM's to walk and get together. they do this over seas but not here yet

Best of luck and again thanks

Kia Kaha


Maybe we should all go to the side line to cheer Michael on, I might have a look at entering too…challenge much!!

Ah on second thoughts I don’t think I will be ready to enter a 42km marathon ha has but I’ll Cheer on from sideline, lol