Symptoms or no symptoms?

From everyones experiences does an AVM have a higher chance of bleeding in people who are having the syptoms from it such as weakness,dizziness,etc opposed to people who are having none at all but just know the AVM is there?

i had no symptons before my AVM bled. since my bleed last june i regularly get migrainous headaches, blurred vision (moreso than from the permanent blurry blindess i have) and constantly feel lethargic.

From everything I've read on here, I don't think it matters one way or another. Most of the ruptures I've read about, the people had no previose symptoms at all.

On the other hand, When I started to have my symptoms...He told me that my brain was ready to bleed and I had to have it treated immediatly. Whether it was or not, I don't really know for sure. That's just what he told me. And this was all over a phone conversation I had with him explaining to him how I was feeling. My doctor was a 4 hr. drive away from me and I haven't even seen him in 16 yrs. but, he still had my records.

I know I am WAY late on this but just had to chime in. I bled in 1975 and was misdiagnosed. I believe with every fiber of my being (in hindsight) that I bled again in 2009. I had been having occasional funny "episodes", feelings of light headedness then anxiety for a couple years prior. These "episodes" increased in frequency and intensity after the 2009 bleed until I landed in the ER in 2010 and was finally diagnosed correctly. My neurologist calls the episodes seizures. I have a lot of various, minor symptoms, many come and go as they please. But I agree with Ben Mrl. Don't think it really matters. Some people bleed while exercising, some when they sneeze and some actually wake up with a bleed.