Symptons? I didnt have any?

Well I had my AVM removed on April the 1st 2008 but before I had this and I was first rushed to hospital I had no symptons what so ever no headaches or anything I mean 10 minutes before It all happened I was mowing the lawn outside at my house? Im not bothered what anybody says Im not a textbook lad!!!

Jay...I have to be honest too...I had no symptoms either...It was found by accident..My story is that I had radiation and had the bleed 6 months afterwards...So every story is different I assume.


I had no symptoms either. I was doing normal things and suddenly had seizure. Like Louisa said every one has a different experience. The important part is having survived. Hope you are well.

My only symptoms were one seizure this year...

I too had not symptoms until one day I began to feel numb on the right side of my whole body, primarily in my leg/foot. Over the next two days I had a general physician appointment, met my neurologist for the first time, and first MRI- withing 48 hours of when the symptoms began, I was in the ICU!

I had never had no symptoms, one day I was taking a shower and then I had a stroke they took my to the hospital and there I found out about the avm. But before that I was hyperactive working from right to left, everyday working up (gym) yoga you named.

Im just annoyed as before all of this happened to me I was a sport fanatic and played many sports and now with this happening to me I cant play them anymore? Its been over 4 years now since it all happened to me and I didnt think it would take this long to recover?xxx I want to be able to play s[prts again?x

Jay I can understand you completely accept that I am at 6 months and this and many other things are becoming real. I wish you AVM free and back to sports asap!

Thank you Holly chick same for you aswell xxx