T-shirt walk fundraising

Has anyone who donated to the fundraising walk rteceived their t-shirt? I have not received mine. If there is anyone out their like me please respond. I feel left out.

Hi Maria! You are NOT alone. I havent received my Tshirt or my butterfly pendant either. It’s been awhile too. Is there anyone we can call or email to find out what’s going on?

I have not received mine either :(

I have not received mine

Hi, Maria, like you, I have not received my items.

Apart from me not receiving mine, or even what size I wanted, turns out that at least three others from my friend list haven't received their items - so it must have something to do with links to ME!

I'm drawing the conclusion that it has something to do with the Kevin Bacon '7 degrees of separation' thing. Seriously though, I know it took quite some time last year to see my shirt in Australia, so I shall wait here, casually twiddling my thumbs.

Hi everyone. If you look at the fundraising bar at the top of the page, it show that there are still nine days left in the fundraising period. I would bet that the items will all be mailed out when the fundraiser is completed. I don’t know that for sure! But that might explain it.

Hi Susan. That makes sense. Thanks.


Yep Susan you would be most likely right - and depending on where you are in the globe I am sure it would take some time. Shalon is the person you follow up with, however I am sure it will be on its way in no time.

That makes sense. Thanks for the reply.