T-shirts! AVM Walk in May- Final Voting Coming Soon


First of all, thank you to everyone for the ideas and input! This was a fun post to follow and to see all of the creativity from this group!

The point of this particular T-Shirt is as a fund raiser for the AVM Walk in SF in May. It will be a fund raising effort from the standpoint of selling the T-shirts themselves, and also the “space” on the back. Of course everyone walking (and those walking in “spirit”) will be wearing them.

However, there were SO MANY GREAT ideas and slogans that we will definitely be looking to have more AVM Awareness T-shirts in the works later on. Let’s get this one taken care of and then we can figure out how to make the rest happen!!!

We have narrowed it down to three slogans based on all of your comments

Untangle the Mystery with AVM Awareness
I’d Walk Miles for AVM Awareness
Make the World a Better Place with AVM Awareness

Ben is going to work on getting an awesome graphic put together for each of these three and then we will have a final vote soon to decide which T-shirt goes into production for the walk!

The shirts will sell for USD $20 each with the proceeds going directly to TAAF.

We do also need to sell the space on the back of our shirts. We have two options for this space, corporate/business/doctor donations, and AVM names.

-For a minimum of $200 donation a business or doctor can have their name, website, logo printed on the back of the T-shirt.
-With a $25 donation, a personal name can be added to the shirt to honor survivors, fighters, and those we have lost.

If you or someone you know is interested in donating under either of these options, please contact Shalon at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

This is a classy bunch so I think it should be a classy slogan. My favorite of your list is “I’d Walk Miles for AVM Awareness.” I’d love to see what other slogans people can come up.

Selling the back of the shirt is a fantastic idea!!!


Shalon, there’s a way to setup a poll for others to vote. Let me know.

And I can help with graphic design…


Graphics- Good…cause I stole a bunch of those from whoever…just did searches on google image. And knew I would have to eventually modify, ask for permission, or pay for the clip art…

The Poll- We should. Let’s get some chatter and some other ideas for a little bit and then maybe narrow down to the top 3ish? Then totally do the poll!


The “I am stuck on AVM awareness, because AVM is stuck is on me” is really cute, but there might be royalty feees involved with Barry Manilow and Bandaid. I think it would be worth looking into for nest year as they would be great sponsors…I don’t know if you have enough time for this year.

For the walkathon, I think the “I’d walk miles…” is the best idea so far.

One more thought…if you go with GOT AVM?, put an AVM in that brain! lol

How about something to do with our favorite Question (WHAT"S A AVM) At top with one of the others after ??

Great timing! Jefferson just called to talk about scheduling Jaclyn’s next Gamma Knife and I asked about the sponsorship! They are going to call me back! I really can’t imagine they would turn me (Jaclyn) down! I am soo excited!

I like Make the World a Better Place with AVM Awareness. I think this one would be good for families and friends also.

I have to say we would like a one Shalon. However my least favorite is the donkey one, only because on an 11 year old it doesn’t look too good. :wink: The rest are really nice! Good job Ladies!!

I have to say we would like a one Shalon. However my least favorite is the donkey one, only because on an 11 year old it doesn’t look too good. :wink: The rest are really nice! Good job Ladies!!

I love the ideas! The band-aid one and Got AVM are my two favorites but if there are copyright issues I doubt there will be time to get that settled.

What about something dealing with tangles and a brain scan showing an AVM?

Help untangle the mystery
AVM awareness

That’s a good one Christine !!!

Thanks Pauline. Since AVM’s are essentially a tangle I think using the word would be helpful in raising awareness of what AVM’s actually are as opposed to just knowing that AVM’s exist. When I was diagnosed and my daughters looked at my MRI images they immediately thought of a tumbleweed and that is how they describe AVM’s … all of the students and teachers at their school know that I have an AVM and think of it as a tumbleweed in my brain! LOL

pauline horsley said:

That’s a good one Christine !!!

Please not the donkey… we have children on this network and don’t think that would look good for them to wear it. Thanks

I like the “I’d walk Miles…” one best.

Christine- I like the “Untangle the Mystery” idea! That’s good. Do you have an idea of what image would be good? How would we play up the mystery part? Maybe do the AVM in “X-files” type of font over top of the ugly tangle of red & blue? Or maybe we can get one of the super cool MRI pics on there. I think Lianne has one, but I don’t know who it is of! Who are you?!?!? :slight_smile:

I sorta also like the tumbleweed thing! ha ha! I’ve heard it refered to as spaghetti noddles, but never tumbleweed. I think that is my favorite new description!

Maybe we could design one as a tumbleweed rolling around in someone’s head. With something like “If I didn’t have this AVM, my brain would be an empty wasteland…” I don’t know, something silly…

Ok- I think it is pretty safe to say that the donkey one is out of the running! Thanks everyone for your comments. I agree, if the kids want shirts too (as I am sure they will) it really isn’t appropriate for the litttle ones.

Keep the ideas coming in!!!

Now I am in a quandry because you have created a dilema for me…as we now know the avm(s) is/are not (only) always in our collective heads…
Shalon, I 'get" that joke-you been talkin to my docs???

My AVM is in my brain ,but not everyones is like Marianne said , That makes hard to use a brain . Still the tangle is the same for all . Something with the spaghetti noddles close . When I try to explain to people WHAT’S A AVM I myself have used the noddles as a way to make them understand . When someone walks up and ask’s me what the t-shirt means… what will the picture bee of ? Help us explaine…