Technical Difficulties

At some point about 6 months ago my Neuropsychologist provided me an image print of the lobes of the brain and thier placement/location in the skull. Silly me- If you can believe this, I seem to have misplaced it :slight_smile: Anyone know a sit or such where I may print another image of the map? Which is of course a very right brain request of me! OOps! And I thank you, I am supposed to be working on 'mapping my lobes. Tedious yet interresting ranks right up there with crunches and flu shots!
Nicole"I am not in my right brain",

Hi Nicole,

There's a diagram and explanations here: (I don't know if this is the right kind of image for what you're working on, but I hope it helps!)

Can you explain what "mapping your lobes" is? How do you do it?


Simple, and my wife has used this. Just call the DRs and ask for a new one.

She’s often exclaimed when she does something silly or makes a mistake “OOOOOPS, I’ve had brain surgery–look at me now!” Then she laughs.

If you call the office, the DR will never know. And in all of recorded history, you are certainly not the first patient to lose some paper…

Go for it.

Ron, KS

Hello Nicole, it’s me AGAIN! How brave you are by doing this…it’s been 2yrs & 3mths since surgery and I STILL can’t bring myself to look at the discs! Good for you!! xx