Teeth grinding

Have any of you noticed your children grinding there Teeth constantly. Is it a childhood thing or is it related to his A V M ???

eww michelle that is so weird because this week I am getting fitted for a mouth guard because of my grinding of the teeth at night. Which didnt happen til after I started having problems with my avm. i never thought of it as being related but that is definatly a good question.

Hi Michelle, I only started snoring and grinding my teeth after my AVM ruptured so I think it is related somehow.

I am a dental hygienist so I can tell that teeth grinding is a very common childhood occurence. Worst noise, isnt’ it!! I would say that probably 80% of children grind their teeth to some extent but usually will stop by age 6 when their permanent teeth start to come in.
If they haven’t stopped at this age then you want to monitor that they are not doing any damage.

My “theory” about this is that there are 32 adult teeth developing and growing under those baby teeth and I think this might cause them to respond by grinding. BUT that is only my theory!

Adults grind or clench usually in response to stress, pain or an interruption in sleep patterns such as you have when you have a new baby at home. It’s a habit that once established is very hard to break and that is why a nightguard is such a great idea to save the enamel and help with headaches.

I ground my teeth from a very young age, and still do it now (aged 33). I would say that you get your child to dentist and get a guard fitted ASAP. Trust me. Due to grinding of teeth, I now have 3 teeth missing and another 2 beyond saving. Annoyingly, one of the ones beyond repair is right at the front! Yes I ground it in half!!! In answer to your question, is it caused by the AVM, as stated earlier, stress does bring it on.

PLEASE get a guard fitted if possible, it will save a lot of aggravation in the future.

Hi Michelle
My son Paul totally grinds his teeth in his sleep it is the worst noise it gives me the goose bumps. Don’t think it’s avm related just a childhood thing, take care Amanda