Ten Years Post Operation

I had my AVM operation in 2002, and as I slowly recovered
I read with interest that many survivors such as myself
who had been through the same operation that I had been
through suffered problems about ten years post operation
from brain tissue scarring.

One day I had an opportunity to talk with my GP, at about
8 or 9 years post operation, and I asked
about this problem and what I should do if I were to
come upon severe headaches, again. She was very attentive
and understanding, and told me that really seizures
were more dangerous for me than bad headaches and I should
be looking for those more closely. Then she asked me if I had suffered any seizures, or bad head aches in recent times and I said no. But should I worry about those as the tenth year nears? She said no, but to inform her if either
do arise. It has now been 12 1/2 years and I have been told
by others that headaches do arise for people like us, around
10 years often, but not always. I don't think I will see
this problem but if I do, I will ask my Dr. for help.
It will work out OK.