Tendonitis/AVM link?

Hello all!

Has anyone with a bleed and loss of control of one side of the body later have tendonitis on the affected side? I just saw an occupational therapist that thought there was a strong link. Thanks for any feedback!

Hi James,

I haven’t had the exact same experience as you, but I have experienced tendonitis more strongly on my left side (where the AVM in my neck was) than in my right.

By the way, it was your profile that led me to avmsurvivors.org. I did a Google search for “avm doctors indianapolis”, and I got your page on this site.

Good luck with the tendonitis. It can be painful. And have a good weekend.


Hi, I’m not sure if it is tendonitis or something else. I have severe right shoulder pain. I noticed the pain and it got really bad after my bleed/stroke that effected my right side in December 2008. It went away after my embo from hell 4-26-09 that gave me another stroke that numbed my right side. I’m starting to feel the pain again in my right shoulder, I guess I’m not as numb. I read somewhere that there would most likely be pain after stroke.


Thanks for the input!!!

Hi James,

My neck feels very tight now. I read that after stroke you can get very tight muscles in the ifected side.
My right side was effected, my neck is very tight now.
I had two strokes, one in Dec. 2008 from a bleed and one 4-16-09 that was given to me when I had an embolization.

Did you have a stroke ?
My physical therapist agrees that stroke could cause muscle tightness. I was told to do gentle stretching exercises after applying heat.


I do a lot of walking and stretching. I have tenonitis in the second toe of my right foot, which can get sore, but usually not painful. I take Tylenol because it doesn’t thin the blood (I take Dilantin to prevent seizures so I can’t take aspirin.) From time to time my sciattic nerve hurts, which usually subsides when I exercise.

My neck also tightens up because of the paralysis I suffered on the right side.
I try to keep my head straight, but I wear a neck collar when I’m inside because I bend my neck too much when I am at the computer or watching TV or reading. I have gone to physical therapists, they usually tell me stretch, stretch and stretch some more. Also they told me not to get massage because that also makes the blood run faster.

I can still walk (3miles a day) and lift very light (5lbs) weights. I’ve also been told Tae Chi? is very good. ( I haven’t checked this out yet.)

Good luck. I hope this helps you and please send anything that works this way. I am always looking for good workouts.

Yes Ameenah, I did have a stroke. After several months, the inflamation has gone down. I just have to be careful not to use my wrist too much without support. They have me doing small stretches from time to time when it flares up. Other than that, no further problems! Thanks everyone!

Hi James,

If it gets too bad, they have medicine to release the muscles.

If you can take it the doc and the therapist say the best thing for it is stretching.

Try heat first to help relax the muscle and then stretch. That is what my therapist told me to do.

My whole right side is numb, it’s not paralyzed. Now that the numbness has worn off a little
the tightness is so evident. It started across my chest, stretching has helped with that feeling of tightness across my chest tremendously. My neck is a little better, but I wasn’t working on it as long as I was working on the tightness across my chest. Keep stretching, what you are experiencing is a side effect of stroke.


My therapist said that she thinks I have tendonitis. She said it is a muscle problem from stroke. I tried icing it, it worked better than heat. I must have some swelling in the muscle or joint because ice really did help.
I’m going to keep stretching and using ice for a while.