Terrible news

I don’t know if anyone saw Jerome’s post this morning, but poor Eleonore passed away this morning. I am just heartsick for her husband and two little girls. The youngest was only 12 days old when she went into the coma. Please keep them in your prayers.

It is horrible news, I cant imagine the grief this family must be feeling, your in my thoughts and prayers during this horribly sad time



Can’t even imagine! So sad, wow…prayers are with all of them. Never know why these things happen. They are just never easy.
Sending Angel love and Light…d

i know and it makes me heart sick for that young family, there is no justice. i pray for them hard now, just so not fair

Sorry to hear of the sad news. I didn’t know Eleonore but it’s always hard for young children to lose their mother. I hope they’ll find the strength to get through this difficult time with their father.

send my thoughts and condolences to the family. Thinking of you all and sending at this terribly sad time.

Makes you remember to appreciate everything…