Thalamic pain


Has anyone else experienced Thalamic Pain, also known as Central Nerve Pain due to their AVM's or vascular lesions?

My 4th surgery was in my right thalamus (near brainstem) and since then have left-sided numbness along w/ left-sided muscle tightness that gets worse during daily exercise, along w/ a burning and prickly sensation in my left-hand. These sensations are referred to as Thalamic Pain.

My physiatrist (rehab dr.) tried me on a very low dose of Lyrica to see if it would help bring relief, but I couldn't tolerate side effects. So far, the use of ice packs helps ease the burning sensation.

Thanks for any suggestions,


I don’t know that I would call mine pain per se, but I can relate to the left-sided numbness as well as the prickly sensation in my left hand. My AVM is located in my brain near that thalamus. I am interested in hearing what others have to say on this topic though as well! My nuerologist has me on a low dosage of Amitriptyline for the left side numbness/pins and needles and its helped a bit.



So glad to hear you’ve found some relief w/Amitriptyline. Did it take a long time to adjust to any side effects? I realize everyone’s different w/side effects.

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