Thank you to ben munoz for this site!

Ben: If you haven'tnoticed look at what you did when you created this brought together a WORLDWIDE group of people dealing wiht something no one knows much about, not a heck alot of treatment but you gave us HOPE, FRIENDS, SUPPORT, in looking beyond yourself and gave us a wonderful gift. I cannot thank you and my thanks is heartfelt for this site. It is an extended family to me and I will forever grateful. There were so many nights I would cry and be upset and go here andchat with someone or read others' journey...and felt peace. Just look at the number of people....and number of friendships we all have now because of you!

Thank you and I am sure I can say this for all around the world for giving up hope, friendship, support and love....priceless

God bless,


Right on! got my vote, people like him should run this country.

TRUTH!!! Hope support and friendship from this site is priceless!!! Gerardo Ben would have my vote! Ben 2012!!!

I completely agree.

I’ll add my thank you to Ben Munoz along with all of yours.
Thank you so much, Ben, for creating this website. While going through my beginning stages of the AVM and my recovery from surgery, I felt very isolated and alone, and wished that I could find someone to understand what I was going through, and am still going through.

It’s quite overwhelming the support and understanding that I get through all of these wonderful members. I only hope that I can offer the name love and support that you guys have given me.

Blessings, Leslye

Thank you very much, Mare!

I’m so happy the site has become such a great success. For a while there were less than 20 people who had joined; half of them were my personal friends or family. But like all of you, the site persevered. Today, because of everyone who joined here, no one with an AVM will ever feel like they are all alone in this. Your courage and spirit is remarkable and amazing.


Well said Mare!

Thanks so much Ben, for doing all you have done. Being a parent seeing your child go through something like this is a life changing event and it is great to have the support!

I appreciate the words, but it really is my pleasure. Thanks for being a part of the family here. We’re all here for each other.

cynthea vaglienty said:

Thanks so much Ben, for doing all you have done. Being a parent seeing your child go through something like this is a life changing event and it is great to have the support!

Me too, me too me too! Y’all have taken the words out of my mouth! Ben, you’re a superstar!

Great thread! I said it somewhere else just earlier today, and now I’ll say it here - Thank you Ben for this site, and for BensFriends too! It can feel kind of lonely when you don’t know anyone else who has dealt with all we do with having AVMs, and it’s great to have access to others who really know what we’re going through.

Kudos to you Ben for all you’ve given to this community - and (please) keep up the good work.

My son had AVM and now we hope is obliterated.I’m from Iran.I never forget the supports which i received from this site.I lived with this site for 2 years and i will continue with it.This is the most attractive community i have ever seen.To meet the people from different nationalities but common interests and common feelings is vey nice.In my opinion, Ben is a real human.My son and I, don’t forget him and his site.God bless him.

Yes good on ya Ben, Nice work

My words too. Thank you Ben. Alireza it is so great to read your son is avm free. God Bless.

Ben - I was searching for something else and found this oldie but a goodie.

Thank you!

Thanks, Ben, you changed my son's life for the better. and mine, too.

Definitely, Thank you so much Ben. This site has been an invaluable resource to me and my family.

Although this was written almost two years ago, the sentiment is still there if not stronger. Thank you for posting this Mare, I think you pegged it. And thank you Ben for everything. :J

Yes! I agree with everyone else! This site has been such a blessing to us all! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!