Thank you!

thank you all for your encouraging support. It helps fill the hole left in my heart after hearing about the avm diagnosis and wondering how I can stay strong for my kids. I'm upset that my husband left my kids and me tonight out of frustration, when I need him the most. thank you for being there - it gives me hope that I'm not alone in having this diagnosis and it's not necessarily a death sentence. My mind has been thinking of ways that I'd like my kids (5 years & 16-months) to remember me by, in case something does happen to my avm though.

I admire those of you who have had the strength and resilience to fight this condition. Because it's most likely congenital, I've had it for 33 years and didn't realize it until yesterday from the doctor's report. I read it in detail today and it's approximately 1 cm and inside my right frontal lobe. I'm scheduled to see a neurosurgeon for a consultation tomorrow, and while I'm opposed to an invasive intervention like surgery, I'm open for ideas and medical advice. I'll probably opt for second/third opinions. Have you guys tried combining natural ways of alleviating stress and such to help control the condition? Sending love and healing energy to you all and thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

My husband found out about his AVM at 52 years old. It is very large and we are told it is inoperable. I know exactly how you feel about feeling lost and confused but don't draw any conclusions with regard to your future. Read all you can, seek additional medical opinions and trust me on this one, prayer helps to relive stress.

Hello Swissbliss

I just found out about my AVM in Febuary of this year. I have been living with this for the last 41 years. I was told that I had a bleed about 15 years ago. Around that time I was having blackouts and dizzy spells! Not one Dr. that I went to see could explain them. I was told it was stress and that I need to learn to relax more.
Recently I was having terrible headaches that basically focused in one area. My new Dr. sent me to a Nuerosurgeon who discovered the AVM. I am going to John Hopkins Bayview on April the 9th for a Crainiotomy! Scared, nervous & anxious all at the same time!
I also have 5 kids to thank about. I explained the surgery to them as best I could without scaring them.
I hope all went well with your consult and if surgery is in your future. I pray that you have a safe and speedy recovery!