Thanksgiving Day 11-24-2011, What are YOU Thankful for?

What are YOU Thankful for ?

I'll start,...
(and I'll make this easy)
I am Thankful to be ALIVE.
Too many good, wonderful, and great AVM Survivor members have succumbed to their AVMs' and are no longer with us.
I am blessed and I know it, so again,....I am Thankful to be ALIVE.

Thanks for posting this William. Yes, I too am thankful to be alive but I'm also thankful for all the wonderful members of this very awesome group (that includes YOU William) and for my family who supported me (and still is) in my AVM journey. Let's eat!

Thankful and grateful to be alive.

I am thankful for my loving and caring family, but Most of all I am thankful for the blood my Lord shed on the Cross, so that I may live free. In honor of his sacrafice I need to try my hardest and most wholeheartedly to share his principles and committment!

I'm with the rest of you being thankful to be here being thankful. And I am thankful for my amazing son and all of you that have continually offered support I couldn't find at home.

I am most thankful and so very grateful that God blessed and saved me thru this AVM trial and for all of the many blessings that I can now see clearly as a result of this part of my journey here. I am also so very thankful to "Ben Munoz" who created this wonderful support forum for us all!!!