The big day!

Just had the news,14th of December i go for the gamma knife,i have been told i will be in for three days,hopefully this will be the start of a better life, happy it is going to happen ,but someone messing with my brain is a worry. Its the only way to go,wot can you do, wish me luck !!!

All the best

Everything will go just fine. Almost there…

Good luck Jerry…I hope it all goes well.

Good luck, Jerry! Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re on your way to getting rid of that darn AVM?

I will wish you more then luck,I will be praying for ya ok:) I also had gamma a year ago,but didnt have to stay over night,was the for most of the day,but they sent me home after gamma was over,wonder why three days,are they doing something else besides gamma

hi jerry, wishing you the best for the 14th, i had open brain surgery 2004 and had an AVM removed. i will be thinking of you comming up the date. please email as soon as you can so i know how you are feeling. i cant wait to hear from you.


Hi Jerry,
I’m going to do the same thing on December 1st-- so I’ll let you know how it feels. I have no symptoms, and so feel a bit nervous about messing with my brain, since I found out by accident.
I do wish you all the best.

Good luck Jerry! Read all the helpful hints on this site about how to handle the Gamma day and it will make a big difference for you. And then be really nice to yourself after the treatment. Listen to your body and your brain and REST!!! I think it is so important.
I have to say after my son had his gamma, I had really strong feelings of anger and bitterness but that did pass after I learned how to deal with “life after Gamma” and the waiting game we now play. So I just wanted to say that however you feel is normal. It is SUCH a relief to get on with treatment but it is also very emotional and can be difficult. We will all be thinking of you. Stay strong. It IS one more huge step towards being AVM free and that is for sure!

I wish you all the luck in the world Jerry and we’ll all be waiting here to hear from you after, take care, Amanda