The Dark Alley

I liken the road we're on to a dark alley. It's like I was on the highway one minute (cruise control!), and then I was suddenly forced to take an exit. Next thing I know, the car's broken, and I'm walking down a dark alley, at night, alone. I imagine there are things out there that can hurt me. My feelings, and the reality of my condition, are hard to explain, even to those closest to me. And two of those closest to me are my kids, 11 and 12 years old, so I have to keep a strong and worry-free demeanor.

Thank God for my friends on AVM Survivors. I realize there are other people walking down this alley, too.

I thank God for my friends on AVM Survivors too. We have to stay strong though it is so hard to do at times. I am living this journey of the unknown but I know I am being guided all the way. I stopped trying to explain my condition it is just hard for other to understand and I found myself frustrated trying too. I just live each day as it comes and enjoy it the best I can.

You nailed it. It’s a beautiful day here in Red Oak, NC. I think I’ll just enjoy it!! Thanks, Lee Ann.

It is so cool to be able to express yourself and to know that other people understand what you are talking about and how you feel.

John: We are all on this journey…read my blog about frustration…you will pic up so many new friends on this journey and yet you will be frustrated.tis site has been wonderful. Life is for living and I am so appreciated of each and every day! With us by your side, no darkness, only light my friend! Thans for sharing always here for a chat! xoxo Mare

Red Oak, huh? The brewery is there, isn’t it? Always meant to visit that, as I try to make a point of visiting any brewery that I see. You’ve got the right attitude and yes, everyone here is here to support you. Sounds like you a good appt. with your neurosurgeon. It’s great that you liked him, that’s important. Enjoy your trip!