There is hope

Seven years ago, I had brain AVM rupture at work. The next few months were spent in the hospital after embolization, in therapy learning to walk/talk and recovering from brain surgery. I felt my mind was rebooted like a computer. Although i can fool most of the people most of the times, i still am very aware of my deficits. I wanted to let the newbies know, there is hope. I know how scary it is to be in this situation and i looked to this site when diagnosed. Take it one day at a time. By now, I’ve recovered all there is to recover. Next week, I’m flying by myself to Vienna and will be there for 9 days. They will attribute my trouble communicating, not as aphasia but in not knowing German. :slight_smile: Wish me luck and hope you all get good news from now on. I’m rooting for you… Mari



Thank you for sharing your story: it’s great to hear from you! I hope you have a great time in Vienna and, as you say, you might spend a little time with a veil drawn over your aphasia! Nice idea.

I also want to say “happy birthday”!

Very best wishes for Thanksgiving,


Mari - Thanks so much for sharing! Post like yours give me the courage to keep on pushing on. I admire your flying to Vienna. Although my rupture is 5 years old and I too have some residual deficits, I’m not quite ready to fly yet, but I will one day. Have a great trip. You deserve it.

Sharon D…

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I completely understand the issue with people understanding my situation. The world (especially my wife) sees or thinks that i am back to normal but the struggle to become the old me is real. My head smd emotional inside is a wreck. Things r new and im learning to live with the new me. We take one step at a time and love r life looking for the positive. Keep it up.

Loved by God
Zac Steinfeldt

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