Think This Nightmare is Simply a Coincidence?

I had a short, but rather disturbing dream/nightmare last night…

The dream took place in an outdoor setting; a grass field surrounded by mountains. The three characters in the dream are a man, woman, and their young son. While the characters did not look like my family and the son was a bit older than my son, I can’t help but think they were supposed to represent us. The father and son were taking turns flying a small (maybe 3’ long) radio-controlled helicopter. On one side of the field was a small log cabin, not to far away was a real helicopter, just sitting there, no power running to the rotor or anything. The father (me?) handed the control over to the son and the son almost immediately crashed the model into the real helicopter and got it lodged high on top of the rotor. The father climbed up on and worked the model loose. It fell to the ground and the mother helped the son turn off the motor. The father started climbing back down. In the meantime, I the dream focused mainly on the mother and son. When the dream went back to the father, he was laid flat on a bench, his neck was almost completely severed, head has cut open in multiple locations and was very flat. Rather than the usual image of blood and brain tissue that you’d imagine, it was various colors and almost looked more like a smashed snail. The mother saw this and started screaming/ After this, I woke almost immediately, but was obviously quite disturbed.

So here’s where it gets a bit interesting. July 28th is the 4-year aniversary of my craniotomy. Yesterday was the first day of July. I’m thinking that my mental and emotional connection between the month of July and my surgery are more closely connected than I was previously aware!

Anyone else have any similar type of dream?

every dream has a meaning…are you feeling anxoius and stressesed at the moment? or worried about something happening?..i remember when i first decided to go through with my operation i kept having a reuc curing dream of being with my family around a pool…and they were all swimming and i was sitting on the side with a disability and i couldnt walk or move…after my operation my dream come true for me i was left with left side paralysis and have had to learn to walk again …but just last night i went to bed and had a dream that my arm and hand were working again…so i am hoping that this dream also comes true for me…dreams often represent thoughts of our subconcious but are often displayed in wired ways…it is a good idea to keep a dream journal and look for any patterns to your dreams