This is what my neurologist had to say when I asked him his opinion on treatment options

He told me the best thing to do is find a place with an outstanding neurosurgeon who truly works with a team so they can analyze the best option for treatment. Sometimes it is surgery sometimes radiation sometimes a mixture or no treatment at all.

My safest option at this point is Cyberknife. UTSW also told me they were late in the game with radiation for AVM's so I was wondering if I should go somewhere more experienced with radiation for AVM's and asked him his opinion. He said that great neurosurgeons surround themselves with great doctors. Radiation is also so precise now that the equipment is such a huge part of the treatment that finding that great surgeon should reassure me that the doctors in that department are also talented in their area especially if it is truly a team evaluating and working on the patient.

That actually made sense and made me feel better.


I agree with your neurologist, Robin. :)