I had my clipping done Feb. 19th and had my period while recovering in the hospital. It has been a month and NO period. FYI…no chance of pregnancy. I am a week late and wonder if it was from the trauma that stopped or made my period late. Has this happened to anyone?


I have had my period get off track as well, and I do think it is from the trauma. A few times it has just been super short too. (not complaining!) I’ve never actually checked with the doc to find out the reason…just assuming it’s the trauma. Your body gets shocked and reacts in weird ways.

I always knew, as you seem to, that there was no chance of pregnancy and I always seem to be right back on track the next cycle. I did a quick google search and found other people talking about anesthesia, surgery, and menstruation…it seems to be sorta common (at least according to posted questions and answers) although I didn’t really see a “trusted source” per se.

If you get concerned, ck with your doc. But most likely you will be back on track next month.

I had multiple catheterizations, am embolization and brain sugery last June, and I got mine while recovering in the hospital. It didn’t come back again on its own until last December after surgery. (No chance of preg. etc) Since Dec. its been every 2 months or month and a half, random but working towards normal again.

Hi Krystal
Yeah I think it is defo down to trauma cause i didn’t have one for months after embo (defo not complaining) and like you was no chance of pregnancy, maybe try and keep a record from month to month to see the patern.

ok after I had my first brain surgery I went over a year without a period and was NOT pregnant. Your body knows what you can and can not handle. stress can also delay a period. Also it has been over 2 years since my surgery and I have only had 3 periods the entire time. but I am now 4.5 months pregnant :slight_smile:

i too think it is the truma,
i wouldnt stress too much…i didnt have a period for about 4 months after surgery it has taken a year for them to get back on track…dont let it stress you just give it a little time

Hi, I’m older than you, and for sure perimenopausal. When I was in the rehab for a stroke, I didn’t have one either. The physical therapy doc said that when things happen in the head it may change things with your cycle.

You must be feeling better if you are thinking about that. LOL


Hey, Krystal

I know this is late and these lovely ladies have answered your question. I didn’t get my period either the month after my bleed/two weeks in the hospital. The weird thing was my body hair stopped growing and my glands stopped secreting oil. After two weeks in the hospital of not showering or shaving or tweezing, my skin was clear, my legs were smooth, and my eyebrows weren’t furry. AND I didn’t smell bad or sweat in the Florida heat for weeks. It’s like our bodies focus on the serious business and ignore the nonessentials. So bizarre. . . and kinda nice.

I had my period directly after each embolism, usually while I was icu. But after the gamma knife I didn’t for 6 months