This too?

Having a “This too will pass moment”… They come and go. I haven’t found a way to make them NOT come around. I often wonder if some day, this will all just be a milestone in my rear-view mirror? having survived this medical mountain I often wonder if I will be blessed to live long enough to fid some kind of Joy in my life agan??? I rmember joy vaguely…Did anyone but me forget how to feel joy and humor? Was that matrix lost in he “crash”? Suggestions on re-booting the humor lobe?

Ya, when I first came home from the hospital my husband and I were watching a funny movie and I just couldnt seem to find it funny. He thought something was wrong with me but I think it was just because I had been through so much and still didnt feel well. It takes time but you will feel better. Its like a shock to your system to be normal one day and then find out your brain isnt wired correctly and someone has to mess with it to fix the issue.

Thank you, that helps a lot! I was really silly and almost goofy before the AVM, not only from the trauma of the event, but from the life-changing experience it presented me! My family is still adjusting to the “new” alien me… well it’s only been 2 years I hope they can afford me a little more time! My husband is already bailing, but my kids are still with me – a good trade – all things considered !
How long did it take you to find your funny bone?
Nicole L.

Hi Nicole. Did you know there is a laughter and humor sub-group on here…

So I actually became more outgoing and silly after all this happened. I’m not as shy as I was. It does feel like time is going by so slowly. Probably cause it sucks. I hope and can’t wait til the day I wake up and go through the whole day without a headache. It is weird though. Like I remember how my life was before but I also kind of don’t. I have so many issues I got stuck with that I don’t even like to see myself in old pictures. Makes me jealous of myself almost. I just wanna be “normal” again lol.

Hello again Nicole. Yes, in time you will find humor again! When I read your post and saw the “humor lobe”, I just had to laugh! It took a long time for me to learn to laugh again, and after 2 years, I am finding it more and more often, thank heavens. Like you, my husband ‘bailed’ and I saw him yesterday to talk about some ‘stuff’. He told me that if he met me now, he wouldn’t like me at all…how much that hurt!! I have been in tears since then, until I read your post! Thank you Nicole, I know it sucks but we WILL get over it. After all, we are SURVIVORS!
Take care my friend, and again, thank you! Lesley.xx

You should have said, “If I met an ass like you now, I wouldn’t like him either!” I tend to doubt anyone else will either. Can you imagine the introdution “Hello, my name is so and so ass, I dumped my former wife, after she had a terrible injury, which she could not have avoided, and I was too much of a sissy / ass to be the caregiver I should have been !”, not much of a pick - up line is it ? My only comfort is some day, they too will be alone and scared ! and isn’t it karma that - what goes around comes around ! My girlfriend said look Nicole in 20 years you will be better, but in 10 years husband will still be an ass! I think of that often, it gives me humor and motivation
take care you survivor!