Thoughts to chance vs. work to hope

The Law of Attraction, used widely by New Thought writers, refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance. [It] argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means. (

"Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve, and hope without an object cannot live. (

People often tell me that I'd get well if I just allowed myself too. Someone has reminded me to visualize. In fairness, it worked at length. I'm not using my walker for quite sometime now. I'm fretting less. I'm dreaming my dreams again. I'm gearing up to go.

But I still can't walk. I still can't write. I still can't eat properly. I still can't smile.

My doctors reminded me that the right part of my brain has been afflicted. I actually have already lost my hearing in my right ear after my first operation 10 years ago.

Should I keep on dreaming and believing or should I just be satisfied with what I have become now? Should I still wait or should I just act? Should I forget and smile or should I go on and cry?

You have to keep dremaing and believing…there is always that chance that things can get better and if you don’t believe it, it’s never gonna happen

I agree: Keep Dreaming!

But I also believe that a person needs to realistic. I would love to be able to run a marathon, but honestly, that’s probably beyond a dream for me. At some point, I try to temper dreams with reality–I can probably get to where I can jog 3 miles. For me a realistic short term goal would be to jog 3 miles, in say 3 months.

I admire folks who can play the guitar–but I know me too well to know that it’s a dream I probably can’t realize.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Thank you, Mary and Ron, for sharing with me your thoughts. When and where do you think I can draw the line though?

i very much believe in the law of attraction…i believe that is what made me walk again…after my surgery i was left wheelchair bound and couldnt move doctors didnt offer me any hope and told me i would never walk again …but i knew within my self i had the strength in my mind to do this and i would sit in my wheel chair and visualise myself walking again and within 9 weeks i was taking small steps with a stick …now 2 years later i walk 2kms a day …doctors cant believe it and say with the damage done to my motor cortex the fact that i can walk is unbelievable…the power of the mind is truly unlimited…its not about hopes or dreams its about seeing and believing and reicieving thats how the universe works …thats why i say to you just visualise all you want and believe it is already yours and the universe will deliver…dont give up on this mae…keep going with it…im living proof it work

“Lucky” Mae ,
I say yes to all of the parts that make you whole .
You will get there as always - one moment , one breath , one task at a time …

Thank you for continuously inspiring me, Alicia. Truth is, I can walk now. But never and/or couldn’t do so alone. I’m often at home. There should always be someone with me when I go out.

I can tolerate what some people say about me. It’s just not always easy. It’s been almost two years too…

Oh Marianne, thank you for keeping in touch with me all the time : )

I used to run races and even half marathons, I want to run again even though it seem to be a faraway dream.

I’m still confused.