Throbbing temples

I had surg 1.6 yrs ago and over the past week i have been getting daily throbbing, swelling sensation, burning and warmth in my temples. I just took a tylenol, I'm not sure what's going on. I had this of course right after surgery for a while but it went away and is back. I feel like my brain is swollen and it's a scary feeling. I am not panicking but I am concerned. I really don't want to go to the ER- I hate going there. I use to work there and it's the only one for hours. UGH-what to do and do any of you experience this. PS MY hemorrhage was deep parietal lobe bled into ventricles and now have large DVA (developmental Venous Angioma) Last night in the middle of the night I woke up with a migraine but it went away. This does not feel like a migraine-just like swelling, throbbing, warmth sensation.

Do you have a regular Neurologist? No one likes to go to the ER but better safe than sorry! Please keep us posted!

Hi Heidi,
Sorry you're having more scary symptoms! :(
As Barbara suggested, check with your EXCEPTIONAL neuro &/or go to the E.R.
Hope you're feeling better soon, :)

Hi again,
Went to ER and they did MRI w/o Contrast and it showed no changes from previous MRI back in April of 2011. That's good news, my headache got a little better with a very small shot of Demerol. Today after much sleep I am dizzy, throbbing is ok right now. Not sure what this is all about. Have not talked to my Neuro yet - I do go to see him in April. Today we will get the dictated notes of the MRI. Other than all that I hope today is a better day and all is well with you guys! Thanx for your care, XO to you all
Love Heidi

Hello Heidi, as both Patti & Barbara said, the best thing to do is go see your neurologist if you have a regular one. I have recently had to get an appointment with my neuro even though I wasn't supposed to see him to March this year. When something "different" happens, I always go and see him, better safe than sorry. Let us know how you get on.

hahah funny! I called the Neuro and he said see your gen. dr. cuz my symptoms all so varied!?! What does that mean, they were varied with the hemorrhage so another one that wants to give it to the next one so easily...