Tics, twitches and spasms after gamma?

I have been having continuous muscles twitches and spasms in my face, including my tongue (which if the weirdest f-ing feeing imaginable) for about 24 hours. My tongue spasms literally about once every second. It looks like an invisible fingertip is tapping on it. It isn’t painful or anything, but it’s really annoying, and is on the opposite side from the gamma. I called my doctor, but have not heard back yet…

Is this normal, or do I now have some tongue spasm disease, too?

Hmmmm. I just read about it, and that doesn’t sound like what’s happening with me. This is gentler, like an eyelid twitch, but I am just having tons of them, all over my face, on the sides of my feet, on my arm and tongue. I am waiting for the doctor to call. Thanks for the reply, Liam.

Hi Marilyn, I have not had twitches, but ive had lots of pain in the head ,dull pains and now for the last two weeks my ears are hurting ,deep inside, driving me nuts, have you had that before, My gamma knife was four months ago, when were you treated, Ive had all kinds of pains ,startng shortly after gamma, Im seeing a new nuro next thursday, Im concerned with the pains, sometimes it gets very painful on top of my head or in the area of the avm.I do get eye twitches and sometimes a pulsing sound in my ears.But mostly I get these dull pains most every day. Hope you are starting to feel better real soon, Caroline

hey Marilyn, I don’t noe it this would help. But after my surgery I had twitches on my arm and my face…after a few weeks it slowly go away. Still hav face twitching once a while.

i have the same face and tongue twitches and it is when i am tired. since i am on keppra and it’s a sedative i really have to be careful how quickly i get tired. the twitches are the warning sign to me that i need to rest or i’ll have a seizure.
perhaps it’s the same for you.

i had my avm removed almost 2 years ago now, and ive always had random twitches and pins and needles but over the last 2 weeks it has been alot more often and i was speaking to my surgeon and he said that its due to stress and fatigue (uni exams). so just dont worry too much and rest up.