Time To Say Goodbye

My last day on this wonderful website will be at the end of May. I have recovered enough that I no longer need the support from this incredible community. As long as we have internet access, checking my e-mail and my Facebook page will be part of my computer activities so please feel free to communicate with me via those applications. I am grateful for all the support and information I have received as a member. I wish everyone good health and an enjoyable life.
Please say a prayer for a dear member friend, Martin Brooks, as he is dealing with the health crisis of his lovely wife, Nicola. God, please heal Nicola, give strength to Martin and bless their 3 adorable sons.

Thank you for supporting members on this community, Susan. Come back anytime. Our thoughts and prayers are with Martin and Nicola.

Congratulations I have also been thankful for this support website. Glad you are recovered, wishing you the best.

Susan, you were one of the first to welcome me here, and I’ve appreciated your great attitude from the start. I’m happy for you as you as you continue to put the AVM behind you. Just promise you won’t be a stranger! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Madere, and I wish your family and you the best always.

Thanks, Julie, and I send back best wishes to you!

Tim, I have always appreciated your positive outlook and ok I won't be a stranger. Of course, I hope that you send me an occasional e-mail.

Hi Ninibeth and I look forward to viewing pictures of your handsome fur babies on FB. I am sending lots of love to you in your tropical residence.

Susan, I just joined behalf of my son!And you're leaving! Wishing you all the very best in your future endavours!

Hi TK from Sri Lanka. I just looked at your profile and again commend you as a caring parent. Thank you for the comment. I continue to send best wishes for your son's health challenge.

Hi Susan and what can I say except that you will be sorely missed by others and of course by me. I have always enjoyed your wonderfully positive and insightful posts about yourself and our members. I know you won't be a stranger here and I am certainly happy about that fact. All the best to you Susan and I am glad we will still be in touch. One big virtual hug for you :).

Hi Debra, thanks for this wonderful reply and I look forward to our continued correspondence on FB. I accept your virtual hug and send one back to you!

Susan- in the short time I have known you on the site, I have really appreciated your sincerity and positive outlook. You will be missed! Best wishes to you.

Thanks for the comment awesome_possum and I agree that you are awesome! I send the best of wishes to you!

Susan T I will miss you and your kind words about me. I am so happy you are moving on. I have, but continue to look at the site to see if I can help anyone because I have had so much experience since my AVM happened 56 years ago.
if the internet and all the garbage that comes with it, is what we have now to get together and find like experiences in life, it is well worth it.I have gained so much from this site,and hope I have helped others. You take care of you and yours.


Hi beans, thank you so much for the comment. You are one of my inspirations and yes, I will try to take care of the blessings in my life ie., family.

Thanks Susan, You truly are a wonderful person who will be greatly missed here :( , And thanks for the support also :) . I will still speak to you often I hope , Your positive attitude has been an inspiration to me , I will carry that forward with me for many years to come :) .

Thanks your a true friend :) .


Martin, thank you for taking the time to comment here. I cannot express well the concern I have for you and your situation. I treasure our friendship!


Susan, I have been away from this site and have only just read this post. I hope you get to read this. You were one of the first people to welcome me to this lovely community and have given me hope and encouragement along the way. Thank you so much for being so positive and such an inspiration for many of us. I’m glad that you are moving on. Good luck with your journey and thanks again. We will miss you. Xx

Bye Susan and congrats. I am soo happy for you. Thank you for being one of the first people to welcome me to the site. I wish you all the best in the future. We all have been through so much.