Timothy Leary/Autistic Child Days

Serious questions. Does anyone else know who Timothy Leary is ? The old LSD Guru? I have what I call "Timothy Leary days. Visual of course. Rather like a bad b movie rendition of a bad acid trip described by him as the reason why certain people OUGHT NOT do hallucinagenics. Which I do not do but it kooks the same to me as the bad b movie acid trip. The colors are quite vivid and I do enjoy Red more than most people. Certain days certain colors stand out more. I know the what and why occipital and pariatal (can not spell today); as well as why some days people tend to morph into primal amphibians around the edges. It is a bit amusing to all, especially the Grand-Children when I tell them they look a bit frogish.
Most often I think I feel like an autistic child. Too much information to decipher. I have to put my head down or close my eyes.Remember when we believed autism was lack of information processing and then discovered it was more often over-abundance of information unfiltered by brain? I “feel” like that.
One of my first verbalized observations given to my neuro-surgeon was that my on-off switch was broken, another was that Timothy Leary would be proud. Those were my first thoughts after awakening from being irradiated, crazy glued
, cracked open like an egg andreassembled like Humpty Dumpty. No puns intended. I know and understand the “whys” of it all, I try to givedetails as best I could so ya’ all would be able to answer this question; Do any of you have “Timothy Leary Days” and / or Autistic child days??? Or am I just the LUCKIEST special woman in town?

Wow! I kind of hope so! That sounds incredible…did you have gamma or cyberknife?