Tired / Frustrated

Today was one of those emotional roller coaster days. My head hurt all I wanted to do was sleep, cry or both. Everything just seemed to frustrate me. COuldn’t talk or think right. Can’t sleep with the new med changes for more than 2 hours at a time. I just dont know what 2 do any more. I wish i was back to my old self again. I miss playing around iwth my children on the floor or out side. Everything tires me out to fast. Ijust can’t do it any more. If i try to force my self i wind up in so much pain my head feels like it will explode then i can see it in my kids face why did i let mommy do this, then i have to act like everything is ok as the tears are welling up in my eyes but i don’t regret one minute of it to hear my kids laugh or my self for that matter since i don’t seem to do that much any more. How do you handle those days with your children when they want you to be active with them an u know you just can’t do it but, you can’t stand to dissappoint them another day !! Every day I wonder if today is going to be the day that the AVM will start to bleed. But then why worry about right, its out of my control. If it happens it happens. I have to tell my self a thousand times today is a good day I’m alive and here and at the end of the day I SURVIVED another day and I’m here !!! Thanks for letting me ramble. Just needed to vent a little.

Tonna, I don't know what to say :(. I was never married and I don't have any kids. I have a difficult time relating to those who have those concerns.

Have you talked to your doc. about how the new med. is effecting you? None of us can function well without proper sleep and rest. I can't speak for everyone but, I do know - there are a lot of us here who ride the 'emotional roller coaster' from time to time. I can relate to some of the fears, I haven't been feeling well this week either. I blame it on the phase of the moon.