Tired of being taken advantage of-is anyone else experiencing the same?

Hubby has AVM, we both have epilepsy. Been taken advantage of by every landlord we've rented from for the past 4 yrs. From neglecting to repair, to blaming us for repairs, to wrongful eviction, to being taken to court. The list is long, so I won't elaborate. Just curious if anyone else experiences being chronically taken advantage of as well? Feeling like we have neon signs on our heads that flash "take advantage of".

I'm sorry to hear this, LiveHappy. Do the landlords know about the epilepsy? I would suggest not sharing that information with them.

Hi - Sadly, this happens.

As Dancermom said, you might want to share any specifics about your husband’s disability (if at all)until after the papers are signed - whether for a place, a job, etc.

It’s so prevalent that some areas even have “secret shoppers” to see or to confirm if certain alleged landlords are violating discriminatory acts.

My best of luck to you; and you’re not the only one.