Tomorrow; 02/10/15, is a day for me to Celebrate!

So, tomorrow; I celebrate a whole new meaning to LIFE! I'm posting this now as I have to work tomorrow and will then be out celebrating :))!!! I do get very emotional on this day because it really does hit home when you realize it could be a 4th Memorial Anniversary vs. celebrating Life in the Here & Now! Tomorrow, February 10th 2011, is a day I will never, ever forget as I went knocking on Heavens door to be sent back gently...and with a bit of a new agenda too! After leaving the gym, I would find myself taking my 1st helicopter ride to Boston being in the midst of a Brain Hemorrhage from an AVM I never knew I had; nor did I even know what an AVM was! I'm just so very Grateful to our medical community for their ongoing efforts in continuing to make such inroads in their treatments of AVMs & Aneurysms!

Pictured here is me 6 months after my hemorrhage getting my final treatment they call CyberKnife (a form of stereotactic radiation) vs. open brain surgery to remove the AVM and it worked; Praise God!!! While this was clearly the non-invasive route; it also allowed for me to go into it with some style wink emoticon! I now consider this AVM a Gift, not wrapped in a pretty box, but a Gift nonetheless that brought forth just so many Blessings in my Life. Yes, it also brought forth some very, very difficult times & changes; but the Blessings far outweigh these difficulties thru the healing journey!

It's been a while since I've been on this site, now back to working full time, and is one that a friend of mine found early in my recovery and I do want to take this time to also THANK YOU all so very much for having me as part of this support family over the past few years! My healing would have been so much more difficult without the LOVE & SUPPORT from this forum! My Hopes for each of You is that you are able to find some Peace & Comfort thru your own Healing Journey❣

So now, every time I'm faced with something Unexpected, Unwanted, and Uncertain; I consider that it just may be a Gift. Michele 2.0 is here to Stay ツ

Hi Michele, Thank you for this wonderful posting. I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary in May so happy anniversary to you and I am thrilled you were sent back too! I am happy that you praise God your Cyberknife treatment worked. I had GK on my 2nd AVM and I thanked God when I was told it was obliterated so I can relate to much of this posting! Yay for your celebration tomorrow! God bless you abundantly!

Congratulations Michelle, I am so happy for you! Happy Anniversary and many more!

Congrats, Michele! I’m so happy to hear another fantastic success story with the cyberknife. Many happy returns!

Hi Susan! All my pleasure to share my feelings & faith thru this Journey & Thank You for your kind words. And I will be here to celebrate & Rejoice with you on your 4TH year celebration ✞❣

Thank you both KAchafiRE & Tim and many more celebrations there will be :-)! And while I don't know where either of you are in your recovery; I sincerely Hope it's going well!

Thanks for the reply, Michele, and I welcome your rejoicing with me in May!

Congrats Michele! Enjoy the day!

Love It !! Having a "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning' end" weekend myself ! "