Tomorrow surgery

Thats it. I just came back from the hospital from seeing my sis. I spoke to the doctor Surgery is schedule for 12 but most likely starts earlier. She had her last angio today and ready for tomorrow. Doctors see her recovering well and doing well during surgery. Her avm size is 2.5cm-3cm. I spoke to her and gave her words of encouragement telling her this is the final big step after this its recovery. I cant believe this day is finally here. I took off of work because i want to be there when she wakes up. Aug 27th 2011 my sister was a normal 33 year old woman aug 28th has changed her life and our lives forever. We are a closer family and much stronger family. I am ready to help her get strong so she can recover well. May the lord hear my prayers tonight and may he be with her from beginning of surgery till the end and recovery…

I will update everyone tomorrow…


Keenah, I am so glad that your sister is having her treatment finally. Today 5th Oct, is a GREAT day. This is my wonderful daughter’s birthday and she has been an angel to me; she has been helping me since I got out of hopsital just 0ver 2yrs ago!
My thoughts and prayers are with your sister and all your family…God is on your sister’s side!!
Please keep us posted as she recovers! XXXX

Praying for her, and all of you! God bless you all!

Hugs to you all,

A happpy birthday to your daughter, many more and good health… Its funny because my sister seems to get her procedures done on someones birthday. Her bleed was aug 28th on sept 13 her husbands bday we got her results from her MRI that everything looked good next day she woke up after 17days in coma, Sept 28th her daughter 12th birthday she had her 2nd angio and it was a success they were able to glue 85% of the vessels next day she was pushed down from icu. We are hoping by my birthday Oct 15th she will be ready to go to rehab, :0)

God is definitely on her side…

thanks sweety…

I just said a prayer for her!!

thank you sooooo much… She is sooo ready to get this done and over with…

Nina…Thank you for keeping us informed. My thoughts and prayers are for your sister having a successful surgery and quick recovery! Keep the Faith!

Keenah, Thank you so much for been around you sister on this moments of her journey…Family are the ones that keep us going and make us strong to face this…Im also glad that she’s going to get her treatment and I be praying for her…Good luck my friend you will see everything will be okay…God bless you and your sister…

Someone else said it but I have to repeat it family is what helps an AVMer get through. You’re a wonderful sister remember that and she is very lucky to have you. Best of luck on the surgery and I was wondering why there were so many birthdays today… now I know :wink:

Just saw this but will begin praying immediately.

Hi Kneenah, I wish everything will be ok with your sister. It seems that you are a very good sister, and you care a lot about her. I also have a wonderful sister who helped me too much during the difficult days.

God bless you and your sister. I will pray for her

Kneenah, my Psalm 91 prayer went out to your sister last night!

God Bless her and your family!!!