i was wondering if anyone was taking topamax for siezure control?i have been having some side effects from tegrotol…which i am currently taking…saw my neurologist today and he has began me on topamax…just wondering if anyone knows of any side effects…or have experienced any if they have been on topamax…thanks all

I was on topamax for a couple of months at one point. Since I was going to need to be on anti-seizure meds for an unknown length of time, my neurologist moved me from Dilantin to topamax. I ended up having some pretty lousy side effects as a resut and ended up switching over to Keppra. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what the specific side effecs were, but they were obviously enough for me to want to try a different medication. I have had pretty good luck with keppra, but everyone is different. Try the topamax for a while and see what happens, but it never hurts to ask the doctor what other options there are if you don’t react well to the topama.

Good luck!

Alicia, this is onee of the new prescription my new docror put me on. I don’t know if the sleepiness is coming from it or the other medication or the combination of them all together