Toulouse, France

I am thinking of going to France to treat my avm and aneurysm.

Has anyone been there for treatment?



Many treatments get approved and used in Europe long before they make it through FDA approval, so they tend to be ahead with new treatments. My husband’s neurosurgeon told us that Onyx, which had just been approved in the U.S. at the time of my husband’s embolization, had been successfully used in France and Turkey for a few years already.

As long as you can get it covered with your insurance, France might be a good idea!

Hi Kim,
I had my AVM treatment in France at the Limoges University Hospital. I had two immobilization sessions one month apart and it has been successful. the hospital is a university hospital and they are extensively researching neurosurgery and are using very advanced techniques and tools. I totally recommend it to anyone. In addition, on the financial side, the cost is less than half of the quotations that I have acquired from Turkey for example so it is cost effective.


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