Treated with embolization(s) alone?

I’m wondering how many people were treated with embolization alone? That is, not followed by surgery or radiation. Since this is what my husband had, I’d like to see how other people are doing on the same kind of treatment. His doctor used Onyx and monitors it with yearly CT scans (since his old clips may not be MRI-compatible).

I had two embolizations and am supposed to have stereotactic radiaton as well. The embo’s were in Dec 08 and Jan 09. The radiation is going to be this month supposedly. They were upgrading all their equipment and it has taken this long. Quite honestly I feel fine, I’d like to not have the radiation but if the docs feel I need it then I’ll go through with it.


I’m told the standard of care is embos followed by a craniotomy. The embolizations alone with Onyx are rather experimental since Onyx just came online in 2005 and there is no way of knowing yet how long the glue holds. I think it will be a while before enough people have had embos with Onyx to say what the long-term risk is. Please let us know what you here though, as this option has also been given for my daughter and I put the very same question out here a few weeks ago.

Hi JH,

My AVM and aneurysm (both spinal cord) were embolized with onyx glue - neither surgery or radiation are options for me . The AVM was ‘obliterated’, but not the aneurysm.

My latest angios in September and April showed that the embo in the aneurysm is holding up well, but the AVM has grown back. The deficits from the bleed were exacerbated by the procedure, but I haven’t had any problems from the glue itself.

Best to you and your husband - I hope he’ll do well.

I had just embolization 12 years ago… was told at that time all was done no need to every think about it again. Since then then say you can get new feeders so they are checking me again in a few weeks to see if all is well… I feel find but get some headaches and nosebleeds but usually just winter so think its just dry air etc. We will see its been a long time so anything could be happening… glad to get it checked. Never had a problem. I think it will be fine. When I had it last time I had the bruit in my ear and do not have that now so they don’t believe its changed. So far the check is just routine.

Hi. Our son just had his first and hopefully only angiogram with embolization Monday 9th. The dr used onyx and was able to get 95% of his AVM embolized. He does not think that Gavin will need any more embolizations or craniotomy to remove it. We will do a follow MRI in about 6mo. Hope everything is still going well for you!

my embolization was just looked at after 12 years and all is fine.... nothing to do. As with all of us I also some issues but nothing severe. Eye sight issues and headaches... vision problems my hearing is horribly loud in one ear.... but I am operating normally... I was happy that no more surgery was required .... I think about all of you soooooo often.... best to all of you...

My AVM was embolised with a glue-like material in May. I have been slow to get an angiogram because I am sick of hospitals and Doctors. Also I was way worse after the surgery than before the surgery. I think they had trouble stopping the bleed. I’m going to talk to my Dr about scheduling an angiogram because I have a trip planned to Italy. I had no idea that the embolisation may have not worked. I just thought that the Doctors were doing it to be cautious(aka cya). My AVM did not show on the MRI/mra pictures so my only option in the angiogram.