Treatment options for Left Parietal AVM

We're supposed to be meeting today with Drs regarding treatment options. Does anyone have any input regarding their treatments for a Left Parietal AVM, and what their recovery has been like?

Jill: Treatment options and recovery is very individual and depends on different factors such as site (functional area or not), size (> or < 3 cm) and venous drainage (deep or superficial) these are questions to ask.

Surgery, embolization, gamma (photon) or/and proton radiation may be options.

My AVM is large >6 cm, in the right partial lobe (functional area; motor/sensory)

with superficial venous drainage.

Because of the size and location, the only option for me was embolization.

My recovery is a long story and still is, if you are interested you will find it in my profile.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Positive thoughts from Hanne xxx


I have a left parietal occipital AVM and have been going through embolizations and radiation. I just had my sixth embo and two radiations with more to come. Some were harder than others. Each AVM is different so it is good to have your questions together to discuss with your doctor.

Thank you all for your replies. The neurosurgeon that is treating my stepson says that the risks of treatment are higher than no treatment at this time. They’ve decided to just keep him on anit-seizure medication and observation, with exams every 3 - 6 months. We have gotten a second opinion, which is the same as the first. However, I just feel like no treatment for this AVM is a ticking time bomb for a stroke/bleed out. The only thing we can do at this point is pray that nothing happens…

Hi Jill, My daughter had a similar experience. Seizure from avm on left parietal/temporal lobe border. about 2.5cmx3cm. She had experienced several focal seizures where she would lose language(couldn’t speak or understand) for about 30 seconds. Then she had a grand mal and that’s where it all began. Here is what I did. I startedGoogle-searching for the best neuro/avm specialists I could find(there are a LOT actually). I then sent them a DVD of her MRI or Angio -whatever you have-along witha the radiologist’s report and a cover letter describing her situation and asking for an opinion. The opinions didn’t match necessarily, but I think you end up with a gut feeling for who is the best person to help your child. We went with gamma knife which did not ultimatley cure her, but shrunk it significantly and then we decided to just take the remainder out with a craniotomy 3 yrs. later. The surgery was done with a different doctor–the 1st specialized in Gamma Knife. The 2nd specialized in cerebro-neurosurgery. Doing nothing wasn’t an option for us. However, Kasey’s was very much on the surface and so it was fairly easy to access it. She is now AVM free! and has no deficits and is living a normal college life. I would say that when you decide on a treatment then find the best person that specializes in that procedure.