Twins with AVM

Does anyone else have a sibling with an AVM? My twin had surgery eight months ago for an AVM. Now she was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma . Totally unrelated, but very confused right now.

Hi Diedre, my prayers go to you and your sister. My brother has an AVM as well and was taken to Stanford where he was supposed to undergo cyberknife surgery. We opted out of the surgery after consulting with a doctor at UCSF, who said that due to it’s location it could lead to total blindness or paralysis. My brother is blind on his left eye already, we are living with the hope that we made the right decision. It’s a helpless feeling! Hope all goes well with your sister, I know how you feel.

Deidre, my thoughts and prayers are for your sister.

I stayed Way from this page as my twin passed less than two months after this post. Thank you for the kind comments below.

Hi Diedre, I lost a good friend to glioblastoma many years ago. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Although I am not a twin, I have been told my AVM is not something I inherited from either parent, just born with it.

I am sorry to hear this news, Deidre. I wish you peace and healing.