I had my first muscle twitch on the GK knife table 7-22-09. After GK, I was running to the hospital for every bad feeling. I’m not running to the hospital these days. I had my six month check up 1-4-10 MRI/1-15-10 Doctors appointment. The docs did not see any swelling on the MRI. On one of my three trips to the hospital they said that I was having muscle twitches because I had an electrolyte imbalance.
The neurologist does not expect me to have seizures, but I am wondering why I’m still having muscle twitches/jerks.
My head jerks sometimes, that one really freaks me out LOL. My twitches/jerks only happen when I’m falling off to sleep, I read about a type of seizure that happens when you fall off to sleep. I think it is called, myclonus. My twiches/jerks are less and lighter now 2-21-10, I’m hoping they go way.
Has anyone had muscle twitches that did not turn into Grand Mal

Just trying to make sure someone sees this discussion