Two craniotomies?

My husband went to another city to show Daniels exams to a well known neuro. In his opinion embo will not solve the problem so he said another craniotomy would be better. My heart freezes.

On the 2nd we will show the exams to another doctor in São Paulo, this time an embo specialist. I hope he can be positive and say he can embolise with success.

Does anyone know somebody who underwent two craniotomies???
I know the second one would be riskier. The remaining avm is located between two sides of the brain and with a profound drainage.

Anyway the doctor also said, either the case, we should not continue the treatment here, in Brasilia. So, we decided to sell our apartament to pay the bills to come.

This must have an end!! Thank you for reading.

I’ve not heard of two crainiotomies, but i am with you, whatever is best for my child. Best of luck and keep us posted on what you decide.

Where do you want to go?Before determining destination, you have to find the best solution.Most of the Neurosurgeon reject Embolization and most of the Neuroradiologists, reject Open Surgery.
You must study very well.

my avm is at one side of the brain so they just push the other to get to it…can u believe it…haha…
well its at d side 4cm down…under a large draining vein…
it took then extra 4 hours cos of the vein. It was successful…cos u seeing me typing here. He did say it was an easy operation…8 hours…hmmm…

Yes my dear friend, you know all about it. I already lost 5 quilos (10 pounds). Thank you.

Hi Rhoda, Daniels avm is also 4cm down. They want to use a computerised technique called neuronavigation. Did you doctor use it? Thank you.

Thank you Liam, I am happy you are back. I dont want to look at the past. It seems his doctor was not the appropriated one. Daniels avm was medium, in a nice location, the surgery took only three hours. etc. etc… too perfect maybe. I want to look forward… The doctor my husband met told us lot of concerning things… Next week he will meet a embo specialist and get another opinion from a neuro team. Then, we will have to decide. I pray God THIS TIME we don´t make a mistake. Thank you again.

Thank you Alireza. I hope my sion story help you to find the best surgeon. The one my husband met told him the same I have told you before. The most skilled neuro will be the one with many experiences of operating avms. With more cases operated succesfuly. I hope you can undestand my poor English, my head is not good today.

Thank you Jo. Yes, everything for my kids.

Oh Erica, this is terrible news, but try sending out Daniels notes on disc to lots of doctors like Savinder has with Sean
I hope the embo will be enough, how could their opinions be so different
I will keep you all in my prayers, try looking after yourself Erica as your family needs you and your husband

Oh Erica! So sorry to hear these news! Like someone said earlier, make sure you ask loads of questions. Some surgeons can be very set in their ways. Good luck in finding the right doctor to treat Daniel.

Take care,
Soili x

Thank you Amanda! Next week we will get two more opinions. I think neurosurgeons prefer open surgery. I just wanted to find a neuroradiologist interventionist than can assure me he can embolise it for good. All of the offer no garanties.

Thank you Soili. I am praying a lot so this time we will make the right decision.