Two year angiogram

Great news from my two year angiogram. Mine was removed by craniotomy and this follow up angiogram was all clear. No avm and no new issues.
The doc said I’ve graduated. No more follow up and my risk of another hemorrhage is the same as the general population.
Must admit it’s a relief. I didn’t think I was worried about it, but I kind of was. Glad that’s behind me


I was the same way after my craniotomy; when I had my 2-year angiogram I knew it was gone but you always have that little doubt/worry in your head.
I’m glad you received a good report!


Great news! John.

Great news I to just had the same thing but after 9 year surgery… did your angio get done from the groin or wrist as mine was done from the wrist as a new method they have been using recently… God bless!

They did the wrist and it was so much better. The angio itself was different; I could feel it a little going up my arm and then when it came out, which was freaky but not painful.
The recovery has been so much better. It’s only been two days and I am fully recovered. Plus the doc said there are less complications, which to me is the best part :sunglasses:

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I’m the same just on my second week now as I was told not to strain or lift anything heavy for 2 weeks… God bless!