Upcoming Angiogram

Hey guys! So I will be getting an angiogram this upcoming Wednesday the 13th to confirm that I do in fact have an AVM, or rule out anything else. I'm super nervous, so I was curious about your guys' experiences. Your input would be fantastic! I know there are other discussions out there, but more couldn't hurt! ;)

Thanks a million


Em, I had one while in the hospital after my bleed. Memory is a little off but I do remember some of it. I had an IV going so received the sedative in the existing line, and don't recall any discomfort at all from that procedure. I was getting numerous medications as well to deal with the swelling and head pain. I was spending a fair bit of time horizontal so received a couple heparin shots after. I go for another one on August 3rd as the first was somewhat obscured due to the bleed. I have great faith in folks that do these procedures, and trust them completely. I will be sending positive thoughts your way on the 13th!

Hello, angio is considered a minor surgery , from my experience it doesn’t hurt at all. Since they will enter from one of your artery, leading up to the location of the AVM, be ready to stay in the hospital bed for several hours for the artery to heal before they let you leave. You will more than likely need a driver. Good luck to you, it will be a breeze, nothing to worry about.

Em..Please stay strong and positive about having your angiogram. I've had two...one to diagnose my AVM and the other one to make sure the radiation removed my AVM. For me, they gave me something that made me sleep throughout the entire thing...so I remember very little about what they did. Before the med tho...the team that prepared me before the med, where very funny and asked me what music I wanted them to play for me which took away my anxiety. Afterwards, you will have to lay flat for several hours after the angio before you are released. Hang in there!

Don’t worry ! It’s not half as bad as it appears. I had two angiograms , once for diagnosis and the other before gamma knife. I was so worried about it but it is really not so bad at all. I didn’t feel anything during the procedure they had a superb anaesthetist on the team, after the procedure you need to keep your leg still for a few hours so no movement. That is all ! And you walk out of hospital on your own, you may need to be driven home though. So try and relax , keep us posted .
Good luck :heart: