Update from surgery

My name is Derrick Schurman. Blake is my best friend and I told him that I would keep you guys updated. Everything below are direct quotes from Blake himself. I am just doing the typing. I would personally like to send out my best wishes to all of you. You are all very strong. I commend you for your strength and determination.

“I am doing a little better. I’ve lost some motor functions on my right side. I’ve also lost the ability to type like I used to and I’m unable to due most of the routine activities that I had taken for granted my whole life. Office management was main career and now I don’t believe I will able to ever live that dream again. Once again… Thank you all so very much for your care and support. It means so very much to me.”

Hey you! Don’t give up on ANYTHING right now! You are still so early in your healing- physically and emotionally!! Give your brain and body a break right now and just relax and HEAL!!! This is such a huge thing to go thru and you have been really brave so far. One day at a time, Blake. Recovery seems to be very slow but the sky’s the limit for what you can do in the future. Every change in your life, good or bad, takes you to a new place and you’ll know the reason for all of this someday. I bet Alicia can help you out in the ‘spirit’ department!!
Sounds like you’ve had a rough go so far so just breath and rest and get stronger. We are all thinking of you.

blake,dont giveup,the hardest part was the surgery.the rest is much easiermmyou ahve come a long was so far, and we believe in you!!! so happy to hear from you so soon,thanks so much,we have been sick with worry,hugs Caroline

Just wanted to say dont you give up! Lots of us here have had the same limitations as you after surgery…and with time they can get better. :slight_smile: Keep you chin up and stay positive. Get well soon!

Blake, it is amazing what a little time can do both physically and emotionally. Don’t worry now about what you are not able to do. None of us really know what we are going to get back, if anything, but the brain is an amazing thing and sometimes it can take years! You’ve just been through something very traumatic, give yourself time to heal. Plenty of rest, sleep often and don’t give up!

OMG, I am so glad to here from you I was so concerned. Are you home or at the hospital? Okay, now to address your situation. I know this seems like over night your life has totally changed and it has, temporarily. You are so recently post-op. Talk to Dave Brandon out in Phoenix he had a very hard experience and he’s doing great now. He’s on the site seek him out. I’ve had friends that worked ICU and saw a lot of patients with brain trauma. When all of this first happened with Andrew they told me to never give up no matter what. That they had seen people that they thought would never walk, talk or function in anyway and these same people came back to visit walking and talking. You are to recently post op and to young to give up now. YOUR attitude and determination are what you can control right now. So don’t give up that control. The more you challenge your weak side the quicker your body will compensate. Reach out with your right, type even if it’s difficult, get plenty of rest, eat well and stay positive. So, tomorrow wake up and face this like it was your job, because right now it is your job. Use those management skill and get this job accomplished. Keep us updated. We are here for you.

NEVER say NEVER…health professionals told me i would never walk again…if i had listen to them and given in i would still be in that whell chair…but no i proved them wrong…i was a teacher before this and i still havent given in on never returning to teaching… it is a long hard road but you WILL GET THERE…you have the strength, courage and determination to do this…i believe God chooses to give us this life path…because he knows we are the ones that will fight and work hard to make it to the very end…it is still early days… it takes a little time to come to terms with all that has happened …but as soon as you do that you will find the strength…to heal, physically and emotionally…things will get better…i can promise you that…stay strong xxx

Thanks again for all or your supprt, I will try to email you all soon thanks for everything

Hi Derrick,I just wanted to say a big thank you, for being such a wonderful friend to Blake!!! Thank you for taking the time to see to his needs and that he stays in contact with us and all the other things that I am sure you are doing for him.What a great friend to have Blake!!!

Blake,yes don’t ever give up!!! One day at a time is all any of us has,and you can do it (Especially since you have Derrick,:)).I bet you will be able to do lots when you heal,and get stronger and stronger…Know that we are all thinking of you!!!

Pat and Britt