Update on Carter

Its been a while … Well he is 14 now and being a normal teenage boy as possable. He has chores and responsibility like most kids. He hangs out with his friends. I see more smiles than tears these days. He still struggles with walking and still is different than his peers. But he has learned to be different with style. He is my hero (and many others) . We are scheduled for an MRI soon and also anther surgery he is not thrilled about the thought of surgery but the goal is to help his walking. We hope to NOT see any sign of the malformation … So let’s keep our fingers cross. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Carters Mom...Carter is my hero as well! He will be in my thoughts and prayers that that darn AVM is totally gone! Keep the Faith! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hi Carters mom, I'm looking at your page all the time. In this holiday season, I'm happy to see that you and Carter are doing well, especially your positive attitude. I wish all the best for you and Carter, since you two are my hero and my hope!