Update on Johnny Boy

Hi everyone!! John John had to change his education to Santa Barbara City College due to a late testing thinking it was ok and he did try to appeal it but no response, So I went to get a refund fron Nothridge Housing and meal plan two weeks ago. John john has to crash classes so we pray he gets in most of the classes he picked. His Santa Barbara counselor advisor his helping him achieve his goals to granduate and transfer to a 4 year colleges ao i am happy with that for now. We pray he gets in this one and hope to get him a used vehicle soon. Keep our kids in prayers

His Sugeon Relased John John from his care who saw him every year for a MRI check up and no residual came baclk.. AMEN TO THAT. I cried that day when he said that to us. we hugged him this was two years ago.

Today this month
Also It has been 3 years seizure free and his Nerologist took him off his siezure meds and its been 5 months and NO SEIZURES. I am always worried as a mom. But God is there for John John and really is a miracle. This is the month he sees his Neuro to talk about how he feels being off his meds to see if he can be off forever and no more meds.

This pic was taken the day before he got his major craniotomy and other surgies before that to ensure this big one. All this was Gods work of a miracle and BELIEVE IN HIM he is real.

I am so glad your son is doing well. Thank you for updating us!

Going on 4 1/2 years seizure free