Update on nathan.he needs surgery due to brain damage

so we just had an appointment at UCSF…unfortunately they had some bad news…they showed us his recent CT scan compared to his CT scan in april and in the last 2 months it showed that Nathan had new brain damage…the original plan was to wait until he was at least two years old to perform surgery but because of the moderate damage he has in his brain now they are opting for surgery…our nuerosurgeon dr.nalin gupta was a little hesitant to do the procedure since the “risk outweigh the benefits”…we’re also getting a 2nd opinion from a doctor from Standford Dr. Edwards

both options we have aren’t so great…it’s either wait till nathan is older but at the same time he will continue to develop more damage in his brain and eventually develop cerebral palsy? (SP). or opt for surgery and risk losing him…but if its successful they might be able to fix the hundreds of malformed formations he has…

i dont know how to feel right now…i feel like im just slowly losing my son…we’ve decided to go for surgery because we feel itd be better rather than watching his brain deteriorate…if the surgery is successful he may be able to learn how to eat…walk…talk etc…and grow up to be a normal boy…i personally believe that the risk is in God’s hands anyway

i just wanted to share this with you all because you all know where i’m coming from…thanks for reading

hi everyone…thank you for keeping us in your prayers…quick update on nate…we spoke with the team of doctors and we all feel that it would be best if nathan went through surgery…we discussed the risks today…25% risk of him dying from blood loss…20-40% additional brain injury from surgery itself…and a little under 50% chance that he will live a normal life after…he had an echo cardiogram and thanks to God we got positive results…his heart is in great condition which they said was actually odd for babies since they usually present in heart failure…nathan will be having surgery either the end of next week or beginning of july…i will make sure to keep you all posted…thanks & God bless

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Thanks for sharing with us. For what it’s worth, I think you are making the right decision. God bless. -Ben

So sorry for the news, you’re in my prayers

My thoughts and Prayers

your family and child will be in my prayers, you know God is great, so believe with all you have that he will be fine,Positive thinking ok!!Only Positive!!

Hi Jaimee
I am sorry that your son situation is worse but as you well mentioned, everythings is in the hands of God.
God bless your son

Jamie, i am so sorry for this news, i will pray for Nathan and all of you, best wishes.

Jamie: You must place it in the hands of the Almighty. May He Bless your son, his medical professionals and his parents.
In my prayers,
Mike O’Brien Survivor

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Little Nathan’s a tough guy, and the Lord is watching over him.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.Be strong have faith

My thoughts are with your family!

Dear Jaimee
This must be incredibly hard for all your family, thank you for sharing with us. Please keep us posted.
You are in my thoughts

That is so sad news, I’m praying for all of you! I know that we go through this life for lessons to learn but Nathan is so little. I will pray for him and hope all goes well. We just never know the reasons…some times we must go on faith!
Sending Angel light and love to all of you…d
Ps…kiss Nathan for me Sending him healing Angel Rafael.

Hi Jaimee,
I just finished reading your post. I am so sorry. Little Nathan is so cute. I hope Stanford will be able to help you. Little Nathan will be in prayers. I will also pray for his doctors to find a way to help him.


quick update everyone

We are here for you, Jamie…Nathan remains in my prayers. Please kiss his precious little cheek for me.

Love, Connie


That’s great news about his heart. Nathan’s a tough guy. You can tell by his picture! Please keep us posted.


My thoughts and prayers are with you Jamie and nathan as well as the family. Please keep us updated.
Lee Ann

Dear Jaimee, I will pray with all my energy and positive thinking. Nathan will make it through. I know two people doctors gave them 2% of chance of living and today they are great. Above numbers there is the power of God. Love to you all.

Please contact me. I have been in your shoes. My son had a right hemisphere avm and they said he would die at two weeks old. His left side of the brain is all that functions and he is now eight years old. You need the support and maybe you could use the doctor in South Carolina that saved Jordan’s life. My son is mentioned at all of the Neurological conventions because they have never seen a child like this. Hopefully I can give you some hope and sunshine in your day and make sure you give your son lot of love and kisses. Also hear is my personal phone number if you have any questions please let me know if I can help you in any way. (269-655-4725)
Thank You,
Jennifer Johnson

Hi Jaimee, just to let you know I am thinking and praying for Nathen, please god all goes well.