Update Still Going and Holding Strong

Well my lastest was a stent placement in one of the aneurysms and going next week to have coils placeed. I believe once it is fixed I will be going back to the embolizations will find out next week. If not they will start the gamma knifes again. I am now on Plavix and aspirin because of the stent and coils which makes me a little nervous but the surgeon feels the risks of the medicine is needed. I am having some problems being on it but nothing I can’t handle. After so many surgeries I still get nervous each time I go back. Though I am so tired I do feel I am improving with each one and am so thankful to my surgeon for what he has done for me. I still have high hopes that one day I am going to be able to say that “My AVM is obliterated”. Always wondered if I should write a book! silly huh Well thank you everyone for all the support you give me. After this surgery it will be 8 embolizations, 2 radiation treatments, stent and coil placements. Will let you know after next week what I should expect down the road.

Hello Lee Ann my friend. You just keep going....you're amazing. I am on plavix too, actually it's coplavix which is one tablet (plavix and asprin in one), as I have 2 stents in the aorta, with perhaps a 3rd stent later this year. I will be seeing the heart dr in August for a stress test and a heart echo.

All the very best my friend, luv, Lesley.xx

I am Praying for you…you are the definition of survivor!

Hello beautiful! Glad you are doing well and staying positive despite all of this crazy stuff. Will be thinking about you and hoping you hear some good news next week (not sure which option you are "rooting for" but I'm hoping for that one too!)


Hi Lee Ann, I was thinking of you tonight. Hope all is going well. - Cindy