Hey there everyone! I just thought I would give you all an update and possibly get some feedback! so it has been just about 3 and a half months since my GK, and I felt really good for quite a while. my leg weakness went away, and I was able to start walking without my cane! i can’t be happier about that! We also were fortunate enough to be able to go on a wonderful vacation to visit my husbands family in Ontario. So many blessings I have had since my surgery, shortly after tho, i had some problems sleeping and had quite a bit of insomnia, that has gotten better, but I have not been feeling too good the past couple weeks, and I’m wondering if anyone has experienced any or all of these symptoms, and if so, what their doc said it was related to. I have been having severe migraines, about 4 or 5 a week which leave me in bed pretty much all day. with these migraines have come sensitivity to light all the time, not just when i have a headache. now a problem with this is that usually if you close your eyes, it helps, but when i close my eyes, i have an almost ‘drunk’ feeling where i feel the walls are closing in on me, and i feel like I’m ‘shriveling up like a raisin’ (almost hallucination like). I know this sounds ridiculous, but its the best i can explain it. Not only the migraines tho… but it is kind of hard to explain but i have not been feeling “normal” at all lately. I kind of walk around feeling so out of sorts and in a kind of ‘daze’. I also have been having black spots in my vision, and a lot of lightheadedness!
sooooooooooo… reading that over, i hope you can make sense of some of that… and give me some feedback if any of you have had any of these symptoms after GK. I was told it is too early to tell for brain swelling from the GK.
thanks a lot!

Hi Emily. I hope you feel better soon! I did not have GK. However, one thing I do know…everyone’s brain reacts differently to these procedures. Maybe one thing you could do would be to keep a logbook of the times…dates… And symptoms of these reactions. Are you on any meds that would affect how you feel?