Hi! everyone its my 1 week post opps today feeling good knowing im AVM free atlast cause my doctor did an angio while im on the table to make sure he got all of it before he close me up. Im happy to hear that. Im a little dizzy but ok i know it will go away soon thanks for all the thoughts and prayers god is good!!!

Way to go Michael! Congrats!! It’s a great feeling to be AVM free… Enjoy. :smiley:

Aren’t they most awesome words you ever heard? When I husband was told that we both were so thrilled!Many blessings to you and your lovely family!
Marie & Steve

Another AVM gone - just love hearing these updates and am so happy to hear that everything went so well for you Michael!!! God’s work is nothing short of spectacular!!! I can’t wait until I can update my profile to include those 2 words :))!!!


Glad you are doing alright!

Congratulations, those are great news!!!

That is great news!! AVM free!