Uterine AVM?

Has anyone else on this sight experienced an AVM in their uterus?

I was just diagnosed and I need some advice.


One thing you can check (and there are some entries) is go to the upper right box on this screen and type Uterine in the search box. Will take you to links where that term has been posted. With over 3,000 members here now, lots of different AVM locations have been discussed.

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Hi would really like to find out how it went with your treatment

Hi Ladies I have had artery embolisation and it’s the first time in 3 months that I am gonna try and go on my menstrual cycle I am really scared about whether the embolisation worked or not…hope someone can help.

Were you told is your menstrual cycle made the AVM worse? How were your periods stopped? My doctors really do not know anything about this. Thanks