Vagal Nerve Stimulator

For anyone that has a VNS, did anyone have their finger tips in their left hand go numb? I just had it put in Wednesday the 10th. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi babe, I had one fitted about 10 yrs ago and I can honestly say it has saved my life. The only problem I ever had was it moved across to nearer under my arm and hurt when I moved or esp when I laid down on that side, I had to argue with the doctor who told me they didn’t move but I stood my ground and hey hoe had to have a new one, BUT never ever have it done by local anaesthetic if you need it changed even the nurse asked me how I stood it. I do get a bit of a numb arm sometimes and it also jumps if I lay down and it catches under my arm. But on the whole I’m glad I had it so just be patient and I’m sure some of it will calm down but if not tell your doc and don’t let him tell you different you know your own body better than they do. Hope this has helped a little. If you need to talk reach me on f/b we are friends xx

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