Vision Problems

I have a few vision problems since surgery…it already got a bit better…but I don´t know what to expect…anyone experienced that? I s it going to be better and is it “normal”? I am 16 days poat OP now…maybe its becoz my AVM was close to my optic nerve. What do u think?

H their I just had an embolization with onyx and my vision is not like it was before the opp I know it is really pissing me off I wish I could help u I have to do some research the drs tell me it should correct itself in a cupple of months god bless you I hope u find your answers xo

Hi Manux!

As you’ve probably heard a thousand times… everyones AVM journey is different. I had double vision after my surgery at the end of 2006 and my AVM wasnt even close to my optic nerve (it was in my cerebellum). I have heard about vision problems after brain surgery so I think it’s normal but I’m not a doctor. I’d ask him or her. The doctors (and the opthamolgist) said my vision would improve over time so they didn’t want to do surgery immediately. It did but I still have the double vision now corrected by glasses. To make a long story short I believe vision problems are normal after surgery (but ask your doctor) and understand that we all have very different circumstances so keep up the faith! And btw I’ve found very few members here who still have vision problems post surgery so I’ll let them pipe in. :slight_smile:

If it’s already getting better, it’s likely to continue to improve. 16 days is VERY early in the recovery process! The doctors send patients straight home, but they’re not always clear about how long it takes to reach maximum function again. If asked, they tend to say that people notice improvement for up to 2 years after an operation, and research has shown that people are still having small improvements 10 years after! (Don’t worry about the length of time; the biggest changes happen toward the beginning. All it means is that there’s room for slow and steady improvement after the big, dramatic improvements have happened.) At 16 days, there’s probably still swelling around the site of the procedure, and it might just be pressing on your optic nerve until a little time passes and the swelling subsides.

Have you called your surgeon to get his/her opinion on what might be going on? They want the surgery to be a success, so they should welcome your call. Everyone here wants you to feel better, but none of us is a doctor, and everyone’s AVM is different, so the best we can do is guess!

i told them about dizzy ness and that i am sometimes weird and my Prof told me it will take a bit but it will passs and from my vision problems the doc sAID

Yes, I heard the same thing post-surgery. Wait it out…They said that if they did the surgery my vision might improve and then another surgery would be needed if that happened. The question is how long should you wait and based on what? I can’t do anything about the weirdness though. :wink:

I had my embo in 07/2009 and double vision since then. My doc told me “it takes average 2 years to resolve the issue - don’t think of surgery until then”. In 12/2009, I had my cyberknife. I still have double vision, corrected by glasses. I have seen continuous improvement. In last 6 months, I can see single image at the corner of my eyes and gradually it is improving. Improvement is so slow that I try to monitor a fixed spot standing at the same location, only once a month! Doc told me that “Average” is 2 years for recovery, so I guess I am on the other side of the average. I will wait at least until 3 years to consider surgical option!

When i had my craniotomy done on 2008…I need it to used sunglasses for everything I had the feeling like the Sunlight was burning my eyes, and headaches also mall light, those ultraviolet light…My vision got a little bet better. Since then… I always remember about the first headache, That it was so painful …BUt has a precaution Im still using my sunglasses…BUt vision problems I don’t have…Good luck my friend and god bless…

Hi Manny,,

Not much else to say. Only vision problem is 2x vision. Dr's say they weren't near my optic anything and it's been about 2-3 months post surgery. I figure I'll wait about 6 months when my insurance runs out, then I'll freak. Good Luck!


Hi Suzy,

I, too have vision problems post surgery. My crainiotomy was 04 Nov. and Dr.s say they weren't near my optic anything and a few days later I have 2x vision. It's been with me ever since. All Dr's say it will correct on it's own and my nero-opthomologist says he will fix it regardless. Anyway, sounds like our issues are similar. Would like to swap stories from time-to-time.


I'd give it some more time. I'm 11 days post surgery and the doctors tell me to give it some more time. I already had vision loss from bleed, and knew of more loss because of surgery, but have experienced more loss than we figured. Doctors keep telling me to rest and wait. It should get better. It took several weeks after my bleed to get all the vision back to nearly normal.

My husband (Jake Munns - you should find him on here and get his side of things) has permanent damage. It's hard to know how bad his vision was right after surgery because it took time before he could communicate clearly, but after time he was able to tell us that he was seeing double and things weren't always "straight." Over time those issues resolved but he still has right peripheral blindness in both eyes, basically half his vision in both eyes.

Hello Manux; I am so happy that you are recovering so well after surgery! 16 days after surgery is very early days. I had vision problems for about 12mths at least after surgery but it is now back to normal. I did have to do a lot of work on my eyes though as I had to learn to talk & read again, so that really did help my vision.
All the very best to you!

Hello all,

It's great to hear so many success stories about 2x vision. While it's been about 3 months since my 2x vision came on, I look forward to it self-correcting. As my Dr's say it will.