Vision question?


Has anyone noticed their vision improving after getting their AVM treated. I broke my glasses last night and it is the first time I have spent more than a few minutes without wearing them. This morning everything is crystal clear except within about 2 feet. I am now thinking I dont even need glasses

It is so funny you say that! I went for my exam not long after my surgery and my doc said Wait I think it might haven gotten better…Nope the same, but after 23+ years of it changing every year (there were times I had to go back half way through the year and get new ones) staying the same is an improvement.

It was so weird this morning,not having to wear glasses. I used to wear progressives for far and near vision. Now I dont seem to need them at all. Driving to work I could read all the signs from far away, and now I am working at the computer and can see without the need of glasses. Hope it stays like this, I am liking it and it is way cheaper. LOL

That really is a cool thing! I can’t even remember the time when I didn’t need some form of corective lenses. I wore contacts for a few years, but just decieded that they weren’t worth the hassle. That was one of the things I thought of after surgery-Will my vision get better? I would love that to happen. Glasses are very expensive even with my insurance.

How is your vision now, John and Jamie?